Construction investment process of buildings, facilities and infrastructure

  • Feasibility studies and analyzes;
  • Design of buildings and facilities;
  • Preparation of constructive advice and technical expertise;
  • Complete engineering consulting services for the coordination, planning, authorization and execution of construction;
  • Investing in our own projects;
  • Construction of buildings, facilities and infrastructure;
  • Mediation in sale or rent;
  • Evaluation of real estate;
  • Full engineering for agricultural and urbanized properties;
  • Surveying services;
  • Project Management;
  • Investment control in construction and investment process;
  • Advisory services for public procurement - according to PPL;
  • Consulting services and representation for Bulgarian and foreign citizens and companies in overall construction investment process.

After Permit to use of buildings and facilities

  • Registration of buildings and facilities;
  • Maintenance and management of residential buildings - according to LCM;
  • Maintenance and management of office buildings;
  • Maintenance and management of green spaces, gardens and parks;
  • Technical passports of existing buildings - under Ordinance №5 for Technical passport of existing buildings;
  • Energy efficiency - energy audit of existing buildings; consulting services using credit "Energy Efficiency";
  • ngineering consulting services in the event of defects - according to Ordinance №2 for Permit to use of buildings in Bulgaria and minimum warranty periods for completed construction works, facilities and construction projects;
  • Interior design and execution - finishing and furniture;
  • Mediation in sale or rental;
  • Complete property management.